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||| Time and motion creation study on:


||| by Sarah Golding of Quirky Voices

|||Season Four Episodes of this how-to voice acting interview podcast are all |||available now on the Quirky Voices feed on all podcatchers of audio joy!


Creating an interview podcast from conception to record, release and marketing… ish




SNACKS EATEN : too many

Frustrationoneter: 6.6

Happy factor enjoying the process: 9.9

Self doubt : Defcon 4

Marketing efficiency: 1.5

Love for Patreons believing in y’work: 190%

Belief that the guests are audio gold : 190%

Dickometer of m’ host ship : 80%

Urge to quit I mean, who wants to listen to me anyways?: 30%

Urge to share this audio gold with the world: 💯

Hope that people will listen: Infinite/Undeniable



  1. Decide on :/research season gueststopics — Spread over 2 hours all told
  2. Reach out to potential guests — email. — 10 minutes to compose and reread and check email address is right and spellings
  3. Reply to their reply with a few potential dates of interviews. — 5 minutes as above
  4. Decide on a date and book it in and ask if they want to see the questions or have a SURRRPRRRIIISE? — 5 minutes
  5. Write and rewrite / scrap and start again and write the questions -15 mins
  6. Research the guests works — listen to eps if I haven’t already - 1–3 hours
  7. Look up any quotes or resources to use for the ep — 1 hour
  8. Contact interviewee day before to check alls well with time and topics and send checklist — headphones, record their end, water, CleanFeed link, any questions… — 10 mins
  9. Send CleanFeed link 10 mins before record, warm up, check questions, drink water, check and prep laptop, get excitedddd. REMIND HOUSEHOLD YOU ARE RECORDING — 15 mins
  10. Record interview with CleanFeed as backup and remind interviewee of tech prefs, send their side to me + any extras discussed — 1 hour
  11. Save my end EPNUMBER_MADIVA_GUESTNAME(s)_TOPIC — 5 mins
  12. EMAIL interviewee ask for resources and links for the shownotes, and pictures of logo and faces for publicity / chase up any missing audio : resources they said they’d share. — 5 mins
  13. Edit for patreons — longer, rougher, leave in some mistakes and funnier moments. Oft no intro or music — sometimes less added extras of audio clips. Leave a day, listen, edit again, take out some Ums, run through RX 8. Forget all the settings you used last time and forget to write down you need to write down the settings for this time…. — 2 hours
  14. Ping to Patreon supporters who are bloody lovely and amazing and supportive folks of audio loving quirky joy. Apologise for something as always feel I need to be doing more for them. — 20 mins
  15. Edit ep down for general release, add music, intro, clips. — 90 mins
  16. Sometimes make time for headliner app clips plus accuracy of subtitles — 40 mins
  17. Sometimes make time for Buzzsprout sound bite — 15 mins
  18. Create CANVA ep template for season 4 — 30 mins
  19. Create CANVA artwork to align with other releases — 10 mins per ep once design template sorted
  20. Create transcript — currently using descript….- 80 mins (for a 60 min ep)
  21. Write shownotes and add all links as transcript is processed — 30 mins as link to social media etc
  22. Upload audio to Buzzsprout — 5 mins
  23. Add in chapter markers of interest — 10 mins
  24. Check transcript, edit and add to Buzzsprout site — 20 mins of faff
  25. Panic you sound like a dick — always
  26. Worry the listeners numbers are down this season, what am I doing wrong? — Always
  27. Press. The. Publish. Button. Dick. — One point twenty one seconds
  28. Jump on Twitter at 1am and Facebook to ping out the episode link — 15 mins
  29. Next day. Publish links on wherever you can think of including Slack and Discord and Tumblr and VA sites and other fb sites and Twitter hashtags and previous students of quirky courses — 30 -40 mins of faff trying not to get distracted
  30. Contact interviewees with alll links to let them know it’s out and hope they enjoy and share it! — 5 mins
  31. Hope everyone ALSO enjoys it and shares it cos this has taken around uhm 16 hours and 45mins of my life to make. Yeah. Give or take…And it’s not even close to what an audio drama episode takes which is more like 40–60 hours! Per ep. Yep. 😬 Yep. Each episode. Yep. I’m still editing some. Yep. So, ya know, give respect to the podcast makers! Give support to the podcast sharers! AND THANK YOU FOR LISTENING AND SHARING THE EPS cos we just want our shows to be listened to, for mine in particular, to be helpful, and for folks to find new amazing talented creatives to follow, and be inspired by, as I am…all. the. time.


Ya know. Feel free to….

32. Embrace the Quirky feed.

33. #havealistendooo


34. Please share rate and review!

35. Fanks


Would love to know your thoughts on how you utilise your time to make your audio podcast of joy! I love speaking to creative people from the audio drama community, and I WISH i could do more interviews a week and get things out more often, but, I am a voice actor for other folks, (in over 100 podcasts now) a teacher, and a mum, as well as hosting another podcast -ADWIT, co editing the Fiction Podcast News Weekly, Running voice acting courses, organsing and hosting monthly Audio Drama Hub Virtual Pubs, and trying to produce my own Quirky audio fiction, and learning new things every day so things can get…..juggly!

Happy creating all and oh how exciting it is to write here…I’ve been meaning to for a while.


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